"February" Post...in March

For someone who desperately craves organization, routine, and structure, I’m embarrassed to admit that this is supposed the “February” blog entry. Call me crazy, but March always sneaks up on me because February is such a short month.

Farming has taught me to rely on God and trust His plan for structure in my life. That is a really hard lesson that I continually fight to learn every day. I want the routine to be perfectly planned out by me. I want my Daily To-Do List to be uninterrupted and finished before I put my head on the pillow at night. I also want to be a sane human-being and therefore my To-Do never happens that way.

All through my life, I’ve had experiences where things don’t go as planned, but I don’t remember leaning on God as much then as I do now. I know I feel differently because I have four little ones waiting on my next move, when my routine gets thrown out of whack. I feel like now I’m utterly helpless unless I ask for God’s guidance and help with the curve balls that get thrown my way.

The daily ins and outs of motherhood, provide enough curveballs on their own, but imagine you are cleaning up spilled milk and you hear your child say, “Mommy one of the pigs is in the garden!” Ahhhhhhh! You’ve gotta be kidding me!!!! (There may have been inappropriate words said too) Plus of all four farmers, you are the only one home at the moment! Each of the four of us has had a similar situation happen to us, when we were the only one on the farm for the day. It happens. So I asked one child to finish cleaning up the milk, could another one throw together some quick sandwiches for lunch, and I got in my coveralls and put a pig back into her home.

We’ve also had instances where one break in routine will not just ruin lunchtime, but will take up the rest of your day to fix. Laundry waits for tomorrow. Dishes wait for tomorrow. Emails wait for tomorrow. Even school waits for tomorrow. A clean house waits for…not really sure when that will ever get done. It can be beyond frustrating.

Even though most of you reading this don’t have the troubles of pigs getting into the garden, you have other struggles and trials that test your patience throughout the day! They may look different, but we’re all the same. We all struggle with something!

With those struggles, the difference is in who you lean on for comfort. There is one source of comfort who will never fail us. He knows what tomorrow holds, because He created tomorrow. He’s your creator! He’s the Almighty God. This jump headfirst into farming has pushed me to rely on God for my comfort more than I think I ever have in my entire life!

My “curveball days” always turn out differently depending on how I respond to them.

Response A:  This is a situation I can fix on my own and I don’t need any help.

Response B:  God, only You know how to fix this and I can’t do it on my own. I need Your help!

I promise you that I don’t always jump to Response B, but the days I do I feel His grace and mercy! Which is what we all need!

Farmher Lauren

God's Plan is Perfect

If 10 years ago someone told me that  I would be a homeschooling, farmher living in the country momma to 4 little kiddos; I would have you are crazy. Never did I dream of homeschooling, never did I dream of growing 4 acres of veggies, never did I think I would have a love for farm animals. Never did I dream that God would call me to share his love with strangers by growing their food. But, here I am! And I'm loving (almost every minute of) it!

This crazy lifestyle that God has called me and my family to live is a wild ride. It's a constant balanceof home life vs. farm life. Something that I have been meditating on is that "God's plan is perfect". Owen and I feel very much called to provide our community with fresh veggies. It's our ministry platform. Giving food is a by-product of being able to share God's love with folks who may need a little encouragement.

As we are gearing up for our 3rd CSA year and 2nd year at the Farmers Market we are asking you to lift us up in prayer. Please pray for us and our community as feed them, pray for people to stop by our market booth or sign up for our CSA that may need to be shown God's love. Pray with us that God will bless our crops so we can give above and beyond this year.

- FarmHer Jess

#CSAday 2017

On the farm we are gearing up for our 3rd CSA season! Sounds crazy. It's hard to believe we are going into our 3rd year! Time flies when you are having fun....or working hard - am I right!?!

We are participating in #CSAday on February 24 with other small CSA farms around the United States. It's a day where CSA farms focus on filling any CSA member spots that are still available.

Motivation. We could all use a little of motivation, right!?! This year, we hope to have a special offer for #CSAday as a way to say "thank you" for signing up! What would get you motivated to sign up? A Farmers Market gift certificate? A CSA discount? Referral A Friend discount? All the above? We want and need to hear from you!! Please consider joining our CSA and if you too far to join us please consider supporting your local farm. Chances are they'd love to have you!