Farm Visits

As farmers, we are thankful we are able to work where we live. However, it is that same reason we ask folks to contact us before making a visit to our farm. The farm is not open to the public on Sundays as we believe Sunday is the day of rest and wish to spend time with our family. Please send a message or call us and we would love to set up a date and time to meet with you!

We ask that you do not bring cats or dogs or other pets to the farm. The farm does have livestock that lives on the farm and some are free ranging. All animals on the farm are friendly, but we ask visitors to respect them in their home environment. 

At First Fruits Homestead, we believe in living life in a way that honors God and His intentions for creation. We want to honor God with our families, our friends, and our farm. Therefore our ducks and our variety of chickens roam freely around the farm. Our cows roam from pasture to pasture, freely grazing on fresh grass.

Our birds mostly forage for food during the day, which helps keep the mosquito population in control, and offers variety for their diet. To give our birds the grain supplement they need we feed them antibiotic free grains. In return our happy birds offer us wonderful farm fresh eggs.

We have two separate herds ofDexter cattle and White Park cattle. In 2015 we were fortunate enough to purchase 4 more acres to increase the amount of cattle we can raise. We want to be intentional in the number of cattle we raise in order to supply enough grazing land for the herd. Our cows are grain free and antibiotic free and roam happily around the pastures. Dexter’s are a smaller breed of cattle that are suitable for small homesteads. They are a great dual-purpose breed, raised for their beef as well as their milk. White Park cattle are a bit larger, but still a much smaller breed than an "average" size beef or dairy cow. Our cattle all have unique personalities and love to be pampered.

Our 4 acre garden provides naturally grown fruits and vegetables. No synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are used on the produce we grow. We work the ground by hand, sow by hand, reap by hand, and weed by hand.

When you arrive, please be on the lookout for our dogs (who are very friendly), ducks, chickens and small children. Bring the whole family and enjoy a walk around the farm!