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Info Guides

Info guides

added value to your CSA and/or
Farmers Market Experience

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SHould I join your CSA farmily?

What is CSA? And is it right for me??

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is a wonderful way for eaters to develop a close relationship with their farmer. Knowing your farmer makes eating a whole new experience!! The reality is, a CSA is not the right fit for everyone - and that's ok!! Check out this link to find out if joining our CSA farm-ily is right for you! 

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A-Z Veggie Storage Guide

Tips for making your produce last longer!

We want you to get the most out of your produce. We've put together a printable guide so you know how to prepare, cook, and store the veggies we grow! Check out the link below to gain these helpful tidbits of info.


The Facts

Why are veggies good for me?

We all know we need to eat our veggies. But, WHY?? Check out this handy dandy tool to see what you should be adding to your diet!