Sharing the love of Jesus Christ, through our most basic needs - food & fellowship

God's Plan is Perfect

If 10 years ago someone told me that  I would be a homeschooling, farmHer living in the country momma to 4 little kiddos; I would have you are crazy. Never did I dream of homeschooling, never did I dream of growing 4 acres of veggies, never did I think I would have a love for farm animals. Never did I dream that God would call me to share his love with strangers by growing their food. But, here I am! And I'm loving (almost every minute of) it!

This crazy lifestyle that God has called me and my family to live is a wild ride. It's a constant balanceof home life vs. farm life. Something that I have been meditating on is that "God's plan is perfect". Owen and I feel very much called to provide our community with fresh veggies. It's our ministry platform. Giving food is a by-product of being able to share God's love with folks who may need a little encouragement.

As we are gearing up for our 3rd CSA year and 2nd year at the Farmers Market we are asking you to lift us up in prayer. Please pray for us and our community as feed them, pray for people to stop by our market booth or sign up for our CSA that may need to be shown God's love. Pray with us that God will bless our crops so we can give above and beyond this year.

- FarmHer Jess